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01 November 2012

We've Been Home 2 Years!

Novmber 1. 2012
Two years ago we were came home with a little girl who was scared to death and even more frightened of our dog "Abbey".  The first few weeks were tough I admit.  They were frustrating because of the communication.  So we spent the next year teaching her English and now that she is in Kindergarten it is quite obvious we will spend a year teaching her how to be quiet.  It's always the opposite of what you need right?  What a joyful ride it has been.  Through  the good times and bad we wouldn't change it for the world.  Most days Luke will tell you the same thing.  You can see how she has grown (and Luke too).  I can't wait until they are 15 and I attempt to get them to take this picture!

November 1, 2011
November 1, 2010

01 September 2012

Uncle Chip back at DUKE MEDICAL

We are back at the hospital with Uncle Chip.  Running tests and figuring out what the deal is with the liver and how to make it happy.  The updates are on the blog: 

Thank you for your POSITIVE thoughts!


29 August 2012

First Day Of Kindergarten

Today (August 28th) was Luke and Maran's first day of Kindergarten.  Since Mommy's life has been in "CRISIS MODE" lately I feel bad that I didn't feel so bad when I took them and left them.  They both said they had fun and that they met new friends but they couldn't tell me who the friends were... hey maybe we will catch those names when we go back Friday.

Since they got in bed so late the night before I was surprised at how well they both did in the am.  They both ate some breakfast and we were out the door in plenty of time.  My mother MADE us eat a full breakfast before we went to school EVERY DAY and it now kills me to eat breakfast.  I need to be up a while before I can get anything 'down the hatch'.  After some eggs were consumed and some bacon was played with we drank some juices and were out the door.  Below is the "ANNUAL" picture.  We started it in PRE-K.  I feel bad that my back to school flag was packed in our 'GET THE HOUSE READY TO SALE" stage and is in a PACK RAT POD.  So we had to stick with the summer flag of "HOT HOT HOT".

To a wonderful school year full of laughs, giggles, friendships...oh and I guess some learning too!

28 August 2012

Twas the Night Befoe the First Day of Kindergarten

Let's hope the start of the "Night before the first day" is NO INDICATION of how the year will go. Today we were supposed to go to the movie but we ended up at my office all day.  The air was out at the office so it was hot but since I have been out for almost two weeks (one week of business trip and then a few days with my brother's surgery) I just had to. We left the office late and so dinner was late and it just got crazier from there.  So Luke and Maran were in bed almost two hours later than they needed to be.  I know BAD MOMMY PLANNING.  We'll just have to see how bad the morning is and go from there.  Here's to tomorrow night being a much earlier one... you can bet it will be!

27 August 2012

Back to School -- Really?

August brings back to school among final summer wrap ups. I find myself trying to finish the "to do's" if you will.  We still need to hit Carowinds, the Columbia Zoo, Discovery Place Kids (again) and more pool time is a MUST!  School shopping is done and new lunch boxes are ready and waiting on the dining room table.

I need to figure out some "HEALTHIER LUNCH OPTIONS THAT WILL BE CONSUMED" and feel that I need to make sure my kindergartners can recite the alphabet backwards -- not really but I feel like we are behind. While I know we are not I still feel that way. I wonder if I have done a disservice by letting them be True Kids this summer and play over reviewing as much as we should have.  My "LETTER OF THE DAY" concept was a good one but it remained just that-- a concept.  Part of me just wanted them to be free if you will as I think this is indeed the LAST FREE SUMMER.  With Luke turning 6 in October and both of them starting Kindergarten on August 27th where has time gone?  I feel like our freedom is almost gone. Gone are the days of vacationing "whenever you want".  Gone for sure are the summers that "reviewing and keeping the mind fresh with new knowledge" is not a must.  I know we should have been better with the reviewing this summer but we had fun. We played games that reviewed numbers and letters and we picked out letters and numbers while traveling.  We read books and laughed and giggled.  It wasn't enough though. 

I am nervous about school. I am nervous for Luke  and Maran. I remember how hard life was as a young kid at times. I am scared that they will be teased and chastised.  Their mommy and daddy don't look like them and they are siblings and they don't look alike --with the exception that they are absolutely adorably cute.  I don't want them to feel hurt by others and on the same note embarrassed. I am fearful of the bullies.  As a bullied person (something I never talk about) I will do all in my power to ensure my children and others will not have to endure being bullied.  For now I have to wait and see how they handle situations and tell them every day what I was told "BE SWEET KIND & LOVING" ---  as well to be "NICE TO EVERYONE".  While that is often easier said than done it will continue to be instilled in my children as it was in me.  For now mommy needs to be a big girl and stop worrying.  Let them be what they are and let them grow and learn with us finding the right amount of "pushing".  

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