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29 August 2012

First Day Of Kindergarten

Today (August 28th) was Luke and Maran's first day of Kindergarten.  Since Mommy's life has been in "CRISIS MODE" lately I feel bad that I didn't feel so bad when I took them and left them.  They both said they had fun and that they met new friends but they couldn't tell me who the friends were... hey maybe we will catch those names when we go back Friday.

Since they got in bed so late the night before I was surprised at how well they both did in the am.  They both ate some breakfast and we were out the door in plenty of time.  My mother MADE us eat a full breakfast before we went to school EVERY DAY and it now kills me to eat breakfast.  I need to be up a while before I can get anything 'down the hatch'.  After some eggs were consumed and some bacon was played with we drank some juices and were out the door.  Below is the "ANNUAL" picture.  We started it in PRE-K.  I feel bad that my back to school flag was packed in our 'GET THE HOUSE READY TO SALE" stage and is in a PACK RAT POD.  So we had to stick with the summer flag of "HOT HOT HOT".

To a wonderful school year full of laughs, giggles, friendships...oh and I guess some learning too!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Precious! Happy day!!

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